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Thingimijigs Plush Hot Water Bottle with Pom Pom Detail, 2 Lt Cream or Pink

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Plush furry feel Hot Water Bottles - Ideal way to keep warm on the cooler nights.

These super soft faux fur Hot Water Bottle are available in either Pink or Cream. They have furry pom pom detail stitched on with pink ribbom. There is also a pink ribbon hook at the top, ideal for hanging your hot water bottle up on a hook when not in use.

The hot water bottle has a removable cover can be washed on a cool wash. The stopper is enclosed in cover. It measures approx. 34 cm from top to bottom.

Choose from either a Pink or Cream, this soft hot water bottle is ideal for the colder weather, especially with the increasing energy costs. This is ideal for soothing aches and pains, putting in your bed before bedtime so you get into a warm bed.

With a choice of colours, this lovely soft safe hot water bottle and cover would make an ideal gift for friends or family for Christmas or birthdays.


  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.
  • Manufactured to safety standard BS1970: 2012
  • DO Allow boiled water to cool sufficiently before filling the bottle
  • DO Keep out of reach of children when storing the bottle.
  • DO Make sure the funnel of the bottle is empty of hot water after the stopper has been closed.