• Green Turtle Hot Water Bottle. £17.99

    Stay cozy with our Green Turtle Plush Hot water Bottle. This plush companion will deliver gentle warmth to ease muscle tension and soothes aches and pains. while giving you a delightful hug.

    Turtle Hot Water Bottle 
  • Football Design 1Lt Hot Water Bottle £10.99

    • This unique football design round hot water bottle and cover is great for keeping your little one warm in bed on cold nights - perfect as a gift for your soccer mad football fan.
    • EXCLUSIVE to Thingimijigs.
    For your Footy mad fan 
  • Waist Wrap Hot Water Bottle 1 Litre from £14.99

    Stay cozy and keep your hands toasty with this Teddy Fleece Waist Wrap Round Hot Water Bottle & Cover!

    Makes an ideal gift for someone special in this cold weather.

    comfort!.  Choose from either Plain Grey Fleece, or Brown Teddy Bear Fleece,

    Choose Grey or Brown Bear