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Shimmer and Shine Girls Plastic Summer Sunglasses 100% UV Protection

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These are lovely colourful pink and aqua coloured plastic sunglasses. Featuring Shimmer & Shine, the twin genie sisters from the hit Nickelodeon show.

The sunglasses have a transparent pink front, whilst on the corner of the lenses near the arms, there are lovely images of each of the Mermaid genie girls.

The lenses of the sunglasses are grey plastic, and measure approx 48mm. The arms measure 12 cm in length. They are aqua green coloured, and have a lovely seashell image pattern at the front as well as a decorative mermaid tail at the end, as well as the words “Mermaid Magic” written on one arm.

The sunglasses are classed as Category 3 - High protection against sunglare, offering non-polarized 100% UV Protection, with a Transmission - 8-18%.

The Sunglasses are aimed at ages 3-7 years approx, and make sun days, fun days, as the young girls will love to look fashionable in these colourful sunglasses. Ideal for holidays, days out, or even staycations.