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Marvel Avengers Thor Children's 3D Backpack School Bag

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Marvel Avengers Thor Children's Junior Backpack.

This is a fantastic 3D Front Marvel Avengers Junior Backpack featuring Thor in an action packed image, throwing his ever present Mjölnir (Hammer), with his red cape flowing behind him.

The front of this backpack is 3D so the picture stands out from the backpack, to make it even better for young children.

The backpack has one main compartment which is secured by a zip fastener. The side and back are grey with a blue piped trim. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable for comfort. There is also a small hanging strap, perfect for hooks in a school cloakroom, or in a bedroom.

This bag measures Height 30cm, Width 24cm and Depth 8cm, and is a smaller backpack ideal for younger children.

This is an officially licensed Marvel product and is perfect for school days, trips, holidays, as it is comfortable to wear, and easy to fasten and unfasten.

This makes a great junior bag for any primary age / pre school child, either as a Christmas or Birthday present.

Great for any fan of the Marvel Universe Superhero films and comics.