Long Hot Water Bottle With Cute Grey Penguin Cover- 2 Litre.

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Long Hot Water Bottle with cute Grey Penguin Cover-2 Litre.

Keep warm and cozy with our delightful 2-litre long hot water bottle with the cutest cover of all time - a grey penguin featuring a red tartan bandana neck scarf! This long-lasting heat-pack is exactly what you need to keep toasty through the winter months. Plus, it's way more cuddly than your average hot water bottle! Cozy up with your new furry friend it's the perfect companion for those cosy nights in! Stay warmer for longer with this 2L long Penguin hot water bottle 🐧

The soft fluffy penguin cover is made from 100% Polyester, removable and is machine washable (30 degrees). The bottle has a twist fastening screw cap and measures 85 cm in length.

This soft hot water bottle is ideal for the colder weather, especially with the increasing energy costs. This is ideal for putting in your bed before bedtime so you can get into a warm bed and stay warmer for longer with this 2L long Penguin hot water bottle and it will make a great gift for birthdays or Christmas.

SAFETY INFORMATION: Manufactured to safety standard BS1970: 2012. Not suitable for children under 36 months

DO Allow boiled water to cool sufficiently before filling the bottle.

DO Keep out of reach of children when storing the bottle.

DO Make sure the funnel of the bottle is empty of hot water after the stopper has been closed.