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Harry Potter Girl’s Pyjamas 5-12 Years, Several Designs and Style PJ Gift Idea

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Transform into a wizard with these Harry Potter pyjamas!,

Featuring a graphic pictures of Hedwig, Harry and the Wizarding World. Perfect for ages 5-12, your little one will be dreaming of wizarding adventures all night long.

They are made from: Pants, Top Back & Sleeves: 100% Cotton, Top Front: 100% Polyester.

Choose from Short Sleeved or long sleeved designs.

PG283: Gryffindor Crest - Long Sleeve arms and Legs

PG310: Blue Stripe Top - Shortie PJ

PG313: Yellow Band on Maroon Top, Shortie PJ

PG475: Hogwards Awaits (Hedwig) - Long Sleeve arms and Legs

PG495: Blue Pyjamas "Here Comes my Letter" - Long Sleeve arms and Legs

PG524: Purple Pyjamas "I would rather be at Hogwarts" - Long Sleeve arms and Legs

PG543: Grey Top, Purple Pants, Flying Hedwig - Long Sleeve arms and Legs