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Dartboard Adult Fancy Dress Costume (One Size)

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Dartboard Adult Fancy Dress Costume (One Size)

Adult dartboard costume is a one-piece item, The dartboard has 2 straps on the back to hold the board in place it does not have any fastening. The dartboard is only a costume and not to be used as an actual dartboard, it has 3 areas for the darts to stick too, two strips in the red areas of the 20 and the bullseye. The costume comes with 3 red arrows.

This fun costume will make you the spotlight in the parties or carnivals! In fact, it can also be used in promotions, social activities, bachelor parties, themed parties, fun movie nights, darts competions and more! Ideal for beer-fest beer festival Oktoberfest celebrations. You can wear the costume over your normal clothes.

The dart board measures 84 cm in diameter.

Made from 100% Polyester wipe clean only.