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Child's Medieval Knight Armour Fancy Dress Set: Helmet Sword Shield Breast Plate

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This is a fun plastic Medieval Knight Armour Set, painted and designed to look like the old metal armour sets. The lightweight set includes: Helmet, Sword, Moulded Shaped Breast Plate with adjustable straps, Moulded Shaped Shield, with elastic arm straps, Sword, and Sword holder.

The breast plate and shield are shaped, to look like battle ready armour (this is the design, not a bend in the pieces). There are two different colours, Bronze and Silver. Set colour will be selected at random.

The Set measures approximately Sword: 58cm, Chest Armour: 36cm, Shield 40cm.

All pieces are made from moulded plastic.

Great for Fancy Dress parties, theme days, or just playing at being a Medieval Knight for imaginative play.