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3 Pairs Girls' Giraffe, Socks Size 12 - 3

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With a bunch of bright popping colours and styles. they make essential socks for children wanting to show off the bright nature of the socks, being spotted or striped or of the cute giraffe. they would make a great gift for little girls who like nature, animals, bright colours. They’re made from a comfortable and soft polyester so that they making them an everyday wear for comfort. Not only do they have Giraffe images on them but some of the socks in the 3 pack have time tested designs on them like stripes, spots and animals which give them a verity of choices when choosing an outfit for the day. These socks are a regular ankle length, come in a 3 pack and have mixed colours. These being blue and white stripey socks with yellow heels, yellow socks with pink dots and white heels. Blue socks with a cute little giraffe image on them. They’re made out of 98% Polyester, 2% Elastane, and are safely machine washable. Giraffes are the tallest mammal on earth and only need to drink once every few days. Much like human fingerprints a giraffe’s spots are not the same and each one is individual to that specific giraffe.