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Who's The Doctor?

Doctor Who

PeterCapaldi has stepped away from the role of the twelfth Doctor Who fans all around the world are wondering WHO’s next for the role.

Many fans are eyeing Richard Madden as the top pick but people are thinking this can be the year for the first female Doctor as fans see Olivia Colman as a great pick for the role. Peter Capaldi will be the Doctor till this year’s Christmas special where the regeneration will take place and the twelfth Doctor will be no more and a fresh new face will become the thirteenth Doctor. But no matter who the Doctor will be Peter Capaldi will be missed and we will never forget his amazing role.

Who ever the new Doctor is, male or female, as long as there are Daleks and Cyborgs, we are happy, as long as we have pyjamas - as we love our Doctor Who Pyjamas.  -

3rd February 2017, 14:08
Page updated 3rd Feb 2017, 14:13
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