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Thomas the Tank Engine - New Friends

Thomas the Tank Engine The Great Race

Thomas the Tank Engine is getting new friends!.  In a new DVD / Film to be released later this year called The Great Race.

Thomas really wants to go the Great Railway Show – but everyone laughs at him, saying he is not big or strong enough to compete at the Great Race. Never one to be deterred, Thomas tries various ways, including painting himself like his new friends Ashima,  and learns a lot about himself in this new movie to be released later this year.

Mattel are introducing 14l new characters in this film, in a bid to increase diversity, and appeal to wider audiences, including:

Raul of Brazil – who is feisty,strong and agile.

Yong Bao of China - driven to achieve and make progress

Ashima of India - shows no fear,” “happy to help out

Carlos of Mexico - proud,” “always wearing a smile



We cannot wait for the new movie. Thomas has been entertaining children since 1946 in book form, and since 1979 in film. – Millions of children across the world love Thomas and his friends, and have grown up listening to their adventures at Sodor.

I have many pictures of my son when he was younger wearing his favourite Thomas the Tank Engine Towel - and he was even a page boy wearing a Thomas the Tank Engine Waistcoat!

29th March 2016, 7:38
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