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Thingimijigs in The Daily Mirror


Thingimijigs in the Daily Mirror

When Thingimijigs was asked recently to help with an article for The Daily Mirror I was thrilled. Not Because it meant my picture was in the paper, (as all women know this can be a little worrying), but we were thrilled because the artilce was offering what we consider to be our top tips for other people starting their own e-commerce business.

When we started nearly 11 years ago, I did not expect to have a company selling so many different lines, across so many different countries, or to have the great team of staff working with us that I do.... but to me that is what the article is about... starting with a seed and letting is grow into a mighty acorn at your own pace.

If it helps one person start their business, or put them on the path to their own new business then I am a happy person.

You can read the whole article here:



3rd July 2015, 5:29
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