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The Muppets First Trailer released

The Muppets
UPDATE:  Trailer has been released ... and it looks as good as ever - no sign of any celebrities yet.. but we hope that this is still part of the show, as this was the magic, watching the stars of the days look silly with the Muppets

 After a 19 year absence ABC are reported to be bringing back The Muppets TV Show. - This was a firm favourite of my childhood in the late 70's early 80's until it was axed.
New generations of children have also grown to Love The Muppets with their recent movie releases, collaberations with starts such as Olly Murs and Lady Gaga, as well as being the ONLY permanent 5.10pm song on Radio 2 on Friday with "that song"
I think this is great news, and hope the stars of today go on the show as much as the big names of the past did.
The Muppets have made many videos, but my favourite is still the Queen Classic : Bohemian Rhapsody






14th May 2015, 8:44
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