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Star Wars Rogue One – Official Trailer Released

Rogue 1

Star Wars Rogue One – Official Trailer Released

Hot on the heels of the amazing success of Star Wars The Force Awakens comes Star Wars Rogue One. This is not due to be released until December, but the official trailer has just been released.

The movie is set before the original 1977 movies and so far has revealed:  Shadowtroopers / Storm Troopers, Death Star,  AT-AT walkers..  And for fans of the original villain.. there is a brief glimpse of the Emperor’s Royal Guard - Darth Vader.  This is great news, as Darth Vader is the stand out character, that is recognised by generations of fans.

The trailer opens with Jyn Erso being charged with forgery and resisting arrest, before declaring: 'This is a rebellion, isn't it?' says Erso. 'I rebel.'.  She is then told: 'A major weapons test is imminent, We need to know what it is and how to destroy it.'…. and so the story begins.

We had the excitement of The Force Awakens last Christmas, and now this Christmas will be dominated with Star Wars Again.. what a fantastic way to end the year.

Why wait until December to get your fix of Darth Vader and the rest of the Star Wars heroes and villians. Check out our Star Wars Ranges here


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