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Spiderman Cannot Climb Walls

Spiderman Image

 Spiderman Cannot Climb or stick

I noticed this little piece in a daily newspaper about Spiderman, and it fascinated me (even if it did destroy a little bit of the Spiderman magic)

According to Walter Federele at Cambridge University Department of Zoology, a study into animals/ people being able to stick to walls and climb... Spiderman could not do this.

They have found that the largest animal that could support its own weight is a gecko, and that as animals (or humans) grow in size the surface area needed to be sticky grows exponentially with their size.

This means in order for Spiderman to stick to the walls as he does in his films and cartoons, he would need EU size 145 feet and 43in hands!! (which would make him a strange looking Spiderman).

Humans would need 80% of their front covered in sticky pads to enable themselves to stick to walls or upright surfaces.

Whilst this may be true... I feel a little magic has gone from my Spiderman.. have the univesrify not considered that as a Superhuman he has powers that our science has not discovered yet? -What's next Superman does not have Superhero powers? Dr David Banner did not get his super powers from Gamma Radiation overdose?

22nd January 2016, 11:25
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