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Roald Dahl Day 2017

Roald Dahl Day 2017
Roald Dahl books summed up my childhood. - I had the full set of books, given in a special box set... and I loved them. My personal favourite was James and the Giant Peach, - I think at age 9 just because all my friends preferred Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
If you school is celebrating the zany adventures of the Roald Dahl characters, then have a great day. Whether you are dressing up as Charlie or James, being a Crocodile or a Fox - enjoy the outrageous stories and characters, that Roald Dahl created.
We would love to see you pictures of your costumes, - last year my daughter dressed as Charlie, - complete with a gold cardboard "Ticket" that we made out of a cereal box and a bit of gold wrapping paper. The costumes was easy, - her old scruffy clothes, we saw several orange faced Oompa Loompa and quite a few witches! 
13th September 2017, 6:05
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