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Mobile Phones

1st mobile call
mobile phone call

Here’s a thought for you.  All those of you who have a mobile phone, how would you fancy this bit of technology?  It weighs2.5lbs (around the weight of a bag of sugar) it has a talk time of 30 mins and takes 10 hours to charge.  Not impressed, then consider that when it was first sold it cost $3995 (somewhere in the region of £2000 at the time).  That was March 1983 and it was one of the very first mobile phones.  10 years previously, 3rd April 1973, Dr Martin Cooper made the first portable mobile phone call.  Check out the photo that was a re-enactment in 2007 – the phone you can see was actually smaller than the one he originally used.

Now to all those who called my phones ‘bricks’ in the past, they were slimline compared to that!

From a completely different age: 3rd April 1860. The Pony Express a new faster mail service using riders on a horseback relay instead of the traditional stagecoaches begins service between St. Joseph, Mo., and Sacramento, Calif. The Pony Express reduced the time for mail to travel from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to around ten days. After only 1 year in March 1861 after suffering large losses and not gaining the mail contract The Pony Express Company ceased trading. 

I know one or two people who wish the same had happened to mobiles, especially when being used in public.  What annoys you about the use of mobile phones, or would you never be without yours?

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