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Inter­national Shoe / Sock Size Guide

International Shoe / Sock Guide

 We know that sometimes shoe and sock sizes can be confusing, which is why we have put this guide below.  Please note that shoes and sock sizes can vary, so this is the best comparision of the variances between the different size guides.

We have put UK, Europe and US comparision charts below for Children and Adults:

Common Sock Terms

Please find below some common sock terms that we use, as we are sure that across our world different terms mean different things!

This is not an exhaustive list...if you are unsure about any other term...pls ask,

Trainer Socks = This means socks that come on or below the ankle bone - ie that are mainly hidden when you put your trainers on.

Ankle / Standard / Normal Socks = These are the bilk of the socks that we sell, so if it does not mention a specific term...its these.  These are the socks that come ABOVE the ankle bone, to the bottom of the calf. like work socks, or school socks,

Over the Knee Socks = This term is used for the longer ladies and girls socks.  Ladies Over the knee socks are usually 50cm, from the base of the heel to the top - but this may vary.  How far up to and over your knee depends on how tall or short you are !

Gripper Socks / Non Skid Socks / Slipper Socks = 3 terms,,,for the same socks,  These are the indoor socks, that are usually thicker than normal socks.  They also have little rubber patterns on the bottom, making them ideal for the cooler days when you don't want to wear slippers indoors.  These do not have exterior soles on...they are simply socks..(but very nice ones)

Non Elastic Socks = These socks do not have the lycra at the top, which pulls the socks in (ie the bit you can stretch at the top).  This is great if you have problems with your legs and ankles, and don't want socks that might dig in...BUT remember...that the elastic is there to help keep the socks non elastic socks, will "scrunch" down and sit on your ankle...they will not stay up to your calf.

Big Foot =   Big Foot socks...well....are what they say...They are the men's larger socks, (as most men's standard socks finish at size 11), these are usually up to size 13 or 14 (UK sizing)

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