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Groundhog Day


National Groundhog Day 2nd Feb

Yippee its Groundhog day…. Yippee its Groundhog day…. Yippee its Groundhog day…. (you get the idea)

According to National Day website, : Today is the 130th  Groundhog Day is observed on February 2nd, each year in the United States and Canada.  For a nice welcomed break during the winter, on this day the groundhog awakens from his nap and goes outside to see if he can see his shadow.  It is believed by many that if the groundhog sees his shadow that there will then be six more weeks of winter. If this is so, he then retrieves back into his den and goes back to sleep.  If he is not able to see his shadow, the groundhog remains outside to play and people celebrate believing that spring is just around the corner.

Across USa and Canada there will be celebrations and ceremonies, all trying to see if they can accurately predict the weather for the next few weeks

Groundhog day was a little known national day, made famous by the film Groundhog Day featuring Bill Murray, who was sent to cover the Groundhog Day activities finds himself stuck in a town after a snowstorm and realizing that day after day is the same Groundhog Day, and that he is trapped in a loop, where each day is the same, the same things happen, and that even if he changes them – the following morning he will wake to the same song on the radio and the same events will take place. (which has now brought the term Groundhog Day into general use as a term where things are repeated.

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