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Football, Curry & Business in one

Accrington Stanley Chambers Of Commerce Meeting
Thingimijigs Chambers of Commerce Talk (1)

East Lancs Chambers of Commerce Curry Club Meeting 25.09.15

Some meetings are hard to get out of, some meetings are VERY easy to say YES PLEASE to. - And this was the case when I was asked by East Lancs Chambers of Commerce to be a guest speaker at their Curry Club meeting.

How can you resist - a lovely Curry (and it was very nice), chance to meet new people and talk to local businesses and organisations, and a chance to see for the first time the world famous Accrington Stanley Football ground.

After a very enjoyable run through the club history (and this club is steeped in it, the pictures and friezes on the wall show that), I then went through how Thingimijigs started, and how over the last 11 years we have ended up where we are today.

We then had a great lunch, and the chance to network again with local businesses, which is the value of these meetings, as I found another business similar to ours, and valued the chat we had. - In business you are always learning, adapting and changing things, as you move forward.

29th September 2015, 7:04
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