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Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The movie we have been waiting for is finally released this week-end .  Opening the door for the Justice League of future movies, this movie sees Batman take on Superman.

The film is certainly dividing the critics, whilst most agree the action shots, special affects, music and costumes are amazing, a lot are stating the plot is not as strong as it could be – and that it is only being used to introduce the Justice League and opening a gateway to further character releases.

Superman is splitting opinion, and Bruce Wayne worries that he is a threat to humanity, so he puts back on his famous mask and cape and stop him. – However, amidst the in-fighting, a new threat appears in Doomsday, created by Lex Luther – and Superman and Batman, along with Wonder Woman have to put their differences aside to save Metropolis.

The film has some big names staring including: Featuring: Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Gal Godot, Holly Hunter.

So.. will you be at the movies this week-end ? , are you queuing up to see Batman V Superman? , we want to see what happens in the movie – how can two iconic “Good Guys” be at opposite ends of the moral compass? Has Batman read Superman wrong?.

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