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1 Year Ago Today


1 Years Ago Today - the closing ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Yes 1 year ago today it was the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics - at the time my children asked why we could not hold the winter Olympics, given we held the summer ones - and I explained it was because we don't have the weather as cold, etc.... well... I guess the weather thought in the UK thought differently!1

We have had snow, wind , gales, flood warnings all in the last 96 hours across the UK. - We were in Blackpool yesterday watching Colin run the Blackpool Great 1/2 Marathon and blinkin heck it was cold!.  The starter advised the runners that if the water went over their ankles to get out of the Irish sea.. and I dont think he was joking , as the rain and wind threw everything at them.

If it is cold where you are , remember you can snuggle up wtih our thermal clothes, socks and hat, or simply get the kids some of the £5.00 or less pyjamas and call it a duvet day!


23rd February 2015, 8:08
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